Current Products/Technology

MapOCX Pro - Mapping SDK and DataSet(s) Mapping SDK (exclusively distributed by UnderTow Software Corp.*) The SDK comes with proprietary format USA TIGER Data or premium Street-Level data from Tele Atlas for USA, Canada, Mexico & Brazil. Using ActiveX interface with hundreds of APIs and ready-to-go functionality for rapid deployment of Mapping Products.

MapTivate - GIS SDK and DataSet(s) GIS/Mapping SDK, with built-in thematic shading, on-the-fly projection conversions and superb bitmap layer handling. The ActiveX control in this SDK can also use third party data sets (SHP and MID/MIF formats). (distributed exclussively by UnderTow Software Corp.*)

* For additional Information on these programs, visit Undertow Software. For information about  As-Easy-AS, Draft Choice, etc., visit the User Forums.