TRIUS Products

  • Mapping Apps/Tools: Exclusively for UnderTow Software Corp. - Precision Mapping Streets and Traveler, MapPro80 SDK, Maptivate SDK, QuickFinder,...
  • Spreadsheets:  As-Easy-As for Windows, As-Easy-As for DOS, Alite[1], Potentia 10[2], Key Spreadsheet Plus[2]
  • 2D Computer Aided Drafting: Draft Choice for Windows, Draft Choice[1], KeyCAD2, Draft Choice Plus[1]
  • 3D Modeling/Animation: ProtoCAD 3D[1], Key 3D Design[2], StarFlic[1]
  • Mapping Applications: Exclusively for Chicago Map[3] - Precision Mapping, Precision Mapping Lite, QuickFinder,...
  • Mapping Tools: Published/Distributed by TRIUS, Inc. -TiVec, SmpMapX[4]

[1] Older Products (DOS only). No longer available.  [2] Custom developed for publisher/distributor. Potencia 10 was a Spanish version, and Key Spreadsheet Plus, KeyCAD and Key 3D Design were developed for SoftKey International. These were never available directly from TRIUS. As-Easy-As for DOS was also published in French, Spanish, German, Portuguese and Chinese. Alite was also published in Italian.  [3] TRIUS developed these products for distribution by Chicago Map Corporation.   [4]
The SmpMapX technology was distributed by TRIUS. A significantly enhanced version is now exclusively distributed by Undertow Software under the product name MapTivate.


TRIUS, Inc. is a privately held Massachusetts Corporation, formed in 1986 by David A. Schulz and Paris Karahalios.

The company started with the development of powerful spreadsheet products, competing with mainstream programs in the late 80's, and continued with advanced 2-D and 3-D Computer Aided Drawing (CAD) products in the 90's.

It eventually moved into the development of GIS and Mapping Technology, producing a number of products and Mapping/GIS development tools (SDKs).

Over the years, software products developed by TRIUS, Inc. have been distributed in over 30 countries, in 7 languages, sold through a number of channels, including retail, shareware, budgetware, direct sales, enterprise licensing, private labeling, etc.

Our Mission

To provide prompt and quality software development, project management services and software tools that will meet customer needs and exceed their expectations.

Our nimble structure affords us the agility and adaptability today's projects need, whether being applied to in-house projects or while managing client's development efforts.